14k Gold Filled Jade Jewelry

What is the difference between 9k gold 14k gold 18k gold?
The gold content is different, 18k is 75%, 14k is 58.5%, 9k is 37.5%, K gold system is divided into 24 kinds of K gold, 24k gold is pure gold, the theoretical value is 100%, 1K=1/24, 9k gold Gold content = 37.5%, gold content of 14K gold = 58.5%, gold content of 18K gold = 75%.
why we use 14k gold to make jade jewelry?
14 K gold is first cheaper than 18 K gold. Generally, when we design 18 K gold jade jewelry, we will need to find someone to design in the software. This will occur a design cost, secondly, we have labor costs, so 18K gold jade jewelry is more expensive.

In our daily life, there are many people who are not willing to pay such a high price but they hope to get a piece of beautiful jade jewelry. For such a consumer group, we have launched a 14K gold-plated jade jewelry, which is produced by our studio. At the cost of production, we did not charge the buyer’s design fee and labor costs. The style is very simple, so there is a certain advantage in price.
all handmade jade jewelry for our 14k gold products
In order to avoid some irregularities and roughness in hand-made, our studio introduced some simple equipment to meet the basic needs of the mosaic. Every staff member is very serious, we make sure that every piece of jade jewelry is unique.

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