Jade Hanger

How do we make jade hangers? what it is used for?
Now that the price of jade is increasing, every gram of jade is very precious, so we will leave some relatively small materials when we cut the jade stone.

we make a variety of shapes of jade pieces, and then we use a rope to collect these small-shaped jade stones, similar to a very beautiful pendant but small pieces, people hang Small ones on the bag. usually , people hung bigger ones with a strip in the car, and some friends make a small bead, which is especially beautiful on the phone.
jade car hanger can protect people to drive safely.

Jade has the meaning of evil spirits and blessings.  we drive outside also like to hang jade in the car, however, it is in the car that symbolizes good luck and peace.

The jade is cool and elegant, delicate and healthy, contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to the human body, and long-term viewing of jade, slowing down visual fatigue is pleasing to the eye.

Jade car hanger has quite a long history.
Car accessories made of jadeite have emerged in these 10 years. However, with the increasingly close relationship between cars and life, the latecomers of jade car accessories have become the new favorite in the jade world.

How to keep the jade hanger accessories clean?
To keep the jade car pendant clean, soak it in clean water for 30 minutes, gently soak it with a soft brush after soaking, or add a neutral detergent, remove it and wipe it with a silk cloth.

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