Jade Beads Chain Jewelry

we have lots of jade beads usually used to make jade necklaces, jade bracelets and some small accessories of jade.
jade beads Prices vary depending on the size of the size. Generally, the larger the price of the beads, the higher the price. Sometimes a small jade bead can be sold for a few thousand dollars if it is very transparent and the color is very beautiful.

Chinese beads chain has 108 beads, it from Buddhism meaning that is not to kill anything.
Therefore, people who emphasize the protection of life without killing will surely have a long and healthy life. Wearing beads also mean that you have the heart of Buddha. To the heart of Buddha, you must always remind yourself to love your life.

Even non-Buddhists, many people have the habit of wearing beads. I believe that wearing beads can keep you safe.

Chinese beads meaning
Generally, jade is enough to express the meaning of the aspect. Plus the jadeite itself is a supportive person. As long as it can say the general meaning.

The jadeite beads symbolize auspiciousness, peace, many sons and grandchildren, happiness and succession, and the financial resources are rolling.

Of course, the jade bead necklaces of different colors and waters are different from the emerald bead bracelets, but they all have the meaning of happiness, peace and good fortune.

The same as non-Buddhists, the pursuit of fashion decoration and praying role, the number is not clearly defined, you can choose according to your own preferences and wrist size

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