18k gold jade jewelry

Looking for the perfect 18k gold jade jewelry?

Shop at Helen grade A jade online store, find unique and handmade 18k gold pendant and related items directly from us.

what is 18k gold jewelry?

18K gold refers to jewelry containing 75% gold, and the remaining 25% is other precious metals, engraved with 18K or 750 marks.

In short, Jadeite Jade is one of the most expensive in gemstone in the world.
Jadeite Jade is a symbol of wealth, health and protection in Chinese culture. The Chinese have treasured this gemstone for centuries, because people believed jade can bring the wearer wealth and good fortune.

Likewise, we use high-quality jadeite jade cabochon design and mosaic in an 18k gold setting, all products are natural genuine and untreated, true 18 k gold, we have many natural colors of jade rings, some of them use silver 925, some mosaic in 18 k gold and Africa diamonds.

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