How to take care of grade A jade

Jadeite is a Natural gemstone King. People who love jadeite know jadeite is very high-end. There are some natural jadeite bracelets which others would wear for a lifetime. We have really long jadeite company time, How do we take care of grade A jade?



Wash the jade product regularly using clean water

First of all, the owner always needs to clean the jade regularly. Do not use skincare items with especially high chemical composition when we wash up. General skin washing liquids are very gentle, and our jade physically can’t be harmed. This is like daily bathing jadeite, and he can literally wash away the stain. The price of the natural stone skilled care solution isn’t very costly if special cleaning is needed. The jade can be soaked in it and dried with a soft cloth.

keep the jade at the right temperature.

The second, we must avoid exposure grade A jade to the high-temperature environment, if you put it in outdoor temperature above 45 degrees, without shelter, for more than two hours, it would appear thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon, causing cracks internally, and some friends said that if the outdoor temperature is below zero degrees, how about keeping the jadeite that way? We strongly suggest not to do so, as it is not safe to preserve jadeite stones at too high and too low temperatures.

Give the jade gemstone a good humidity

Jadeite not only has certain temperature specifications but also humidity specifications. The humid climate, in addition, is more conducive to the preservation of jadeite, since the creation of jadeite is a geographical material structure created by long-term burial in the ground tens of millions of years ago, and Humidity will make it rich.

Keep it safely in a container after taking off

Normal dust or any very greasy liquid can’t work on the jade surface, because that dirt would cause jade to lose its original luster. When wearing jade, we have to use a stronger rope Or the necklace is to tie it properly .after take it off, Please place it directly in the jewelry bag or jewelry box when we don’t need to wear it to prevent any scratches or surface friction.

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