How To Take Care of Jade Jewelry

Jewels made of jade are beautiful and valuable. Taking care of them is needed so as to make sure that they remain in the best condition at all times. One way of taking care of jade is to clean it regularly and this should be done in a way which is safe. Cleaning the gemstone is a rather straightforward thing as long as you stick to the set guidelines. Always treat and wear the jewels as they should be and make sure that they are also stored in an appropriate manner.

What is jade?

The name jade can be in reference to two kinds of gemstones, jadeite, and nephrite. Nephrite jade is usually green in color and is an actinolite variety. Yellow and brown varieties can also be seen. Jadeite is made of pyroxene. Jadeite comes in green color, but pink and bluish stones are also available. Of the two, nephrite is softer.

Cleaning jade

To properly clean jade, use water only. You can also prepare a cleaning solution where you add mild soap into the water. When cleaning jade, avoid using household detergents and jewelry cleaners that have harsh chemicals in them. When you have prepared the solution, use a cotton pad or a soft cloth and wipe the gemstone carefully. Do this in a gentle way so as to ensure that the surface is not scratched. Never soak the gem in water.

You can make use of a cotton swab or a soft cloth to clean the areas that are hard to reach. Wipe any remaining soap by using a clean cloth or cotton pad. Use a towel to dry the gemstone.

Things you should avoid when taking care of Jade

Never clean jade using a steam cleaner. Also, never put the gem in any ultrasonic jewelry cleaners which can cause harm to the structure. When cleaning jewels made of jade, never use alcohol or any other harsh chemical as it may cause harm to it.

Wearing jade

When wearing jade, make sure that you are very careful. Don’t hit this stone as it may chip or crack very easily. Pool or tap water can harm jade because of the chlorine that may be added to it. Remove your jade jewelry before you shower or take a swim. Don’t let jade come in contact with chemicals, hairspray, perfume, or makeup, which may adversely affect the surface of the stone.

Storing jade

Gemstones which are harder can very easily scratch jade. It is, therefore, a good idea to store it apart from other pieces. You can also use a jewelry box that has got many compartments. If you have to store your jewelry together, make sure you wrap the jade pieces with a pouch or a soft cloth so as to keep them well protected.

Jade jewelry is beautiful and once you take care of it, you can have it with you for a long time to come. There are all sorts of jade items that you can have. They include jade bangles, necklaces, earrings, and even rings.

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