Why do we need to measure Jade bangle size?

During my past sales, I found a bangle size guide is very important to my buyers, in the past we sold hundreds of jade bangles, 3.5% will return to exchange due to the bangle size problem, it is a waste of time and postage.

how to measure Jade bangle size?

To avoid this happen, I am writing a guide here to clarify the methods. This measure methods are not 100% fit, sometimes the size has relevant to your hands’ hardness. Some people’s hand is soft and flexible, she can wear 2mm smaller than the estimated size, some old people the hand is hard, you might consider bigger 2mm from the estimate. You have considered individual factors, don’t need to 100% follow. How to measure bangle size.

How to measure the jade bangle size demonstrate in the picture

how to measure jade bangle size

This is the first thing to measure your bangle size, you have to consider your hand hardness and age if your hand is hard and age over 40, you might need to go larger 2 mm from the estimated size。

According to the diversity of the conditions of individual hands, this may not be suitable for all people. Buyers must measure the size of the bracelet according to their own conditions.

Some young girls have a soft and small hand, they can go down 1 mm, don’t measure your wrist, it is the wrong method for jade bangle size measuring.

What to do if the bangle barely fits:

Sometimes a bangle doesn’t quite fit over your hand but is within feasible range to fit.  If you want the bangle to be worn ‘for life’, here are a few tricks we have to aid bangle fitting. As a reminder, the bangle may not come off (easily) once put on using these methods.

Warning: your hand might hurt a little in the process. However, if your hand is in too much pain when using one of these methods, don’t exert yourself, it is possible that the bangle simply will not fit.

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